1878-P VAM-114-2

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1878-P VAM-114-2

Revised 2011
114-2 (revised) II/I 16 - B2a (Doubled R and Stars) (178) I-2 R-4
Obverse II/I 16 – Over polished lower hair. Used with Die 2 reverse.
Reverse B2a– Die 2 – Die slightly over polished with flat spot in middle eagle's left wing and right wing slightly separated from the leg.



LVA Plate Photos:

1878 P VAM 114 Dbld Stars.jpg

Additional Photos:

Doubled R with signficant features.
1878p vam114 b.jpg
All right stars are doubled significantly
1878p vam114 d.jpg
Doubled cotton bolls
1878p vam114 l.jpg
Parallel arrow feather and short arrow nock.
1878p vam114 f.jpg
Full R of trust. Full O in God.
1878p vam114 g.jpg
The VAM 114 obverse has a fairly unique characteristic that can be used to identify any reasonably well preserved example. The right edge of the long wheat leaf that folds back onto the cap is doubled fairly strongly on the portion on the cap , but this doubling abruptly appears to stop as the leaf projects above Liberty's cap. Nothing else quite like this is found among the Rev of 78 die marriages.
78 v114 wheat leaf.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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