1878-P 8tf VNA varieties

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1878-P 8tf VAM Not Assigned Varieties

The 1878-P VAM-14.2 has a well-known LDS with die breaks that Leroy says are too small to list:
1878-P vam14-2 LDSdiebreak1.jpg
1878-P vam14-2 LDSdiebreak2.jpg
The 1878-P VAM-22A can sometimes be found with strike-thru grease features on the obverse neck and jaw. Leroy has examined an example and no longer assigns VAM numbers to struck-thru-grease varieties. There is a tooth-like impression in the middle of this example below that is an incidental bag mark. The "cratering" effect from the grease strike-thru is what counts here:
1878-P VAM-22 strike thru grease.jpg
1878-P VAM-22 strike thru grease ANACS.jpg
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