1878-CC VAM-7A

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1878-CC VAM-7A Medium CC, Clashed

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, May 2004.
This coin is a Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam.
7A II 8 · B2d (Medium CC, Clashed Obverse G & st) ( ? ) I-2 R-7
Obverse II 8– Clashed die with faint partial incuse G of God from reverse next to Liberty head neck and partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.

Emission Sequence
Obverse: 7, 7A
Reverse: 7, 7A


  1. Ask a collector or dealer what the rarest Carson City dollar is and you are likely to hear dates: 1879-CC, 1889-CC, 1893-CC. Talk with most VAM enthusiasts, and 1885-CC VAM 4 Hot-50 might come up and a few may bring up 1884-CC VAM 7A or 1890-CC VAM 9A. However, one of the best kept secrets is this coin, the 1878-CC VAM 7A, one of only four R-7 Carson City dollars. it is exceptionally rare.
  2. It was discovered by Mark Kimpton in May 2004. The one pictured here is a PCGS MS63, perhaps the finest. Not many around to compare.


LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

Secondary Pick-ups

On the reverse, one can see the intersection of the neck and the G clearly. On the underside of the right wing (viewer's left), the clash from the end of the left wreath is strong to the wing edge. When that is present, generally one will find the bottom edge of the wing clashed on the obverse near the chin. In fact, the top and bottom edge of both wings are evident on the obverse.

Full Coin Photos

2 Full Coin VAM 7A images @ Lance Newman, used with permission. Attributed by Lance Newman OCC