1878-CC VAM-3

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1878-CC VAM-3 Line in Eye, Very Wide CC

3 II 1 ∙ B1b (Line in Eye, Very Wide CC) I-3 R-3
Does not exist, see VAM-17
Obverse II 1 – Same as Obverse II 1 except a die scratch shows as a thin line through the bottom of the R in LIBERTY, a thick line extending down from the middle of the eye lash, a thin line at the bottom corner of the eye, and a thick one at the rear of the nostril.
Reverse B1b – Normal die of type B1 with very widely spaced mint marks, IV CC, set high and touching wreath.
This obverse was used on VAM-1A, VAM-3, and VAM-17.
1878cc vam1a 1.jpg