1878-CC VAM-25

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1878-CC VAM-25 Doubled 18-8, Doubled Reverse Legend

25 II 7 · B1h (Doubled 18-8, Doubled Reverse Legend) ( ? ) I-2 R-4
Obverse II 7– Slightly doubled 18–8 with 1 doubled below upper crossbar and both 8's doubled at top inside of upper loop. Die chips on eyelid and front of forehead as in VAM 2.
Reverse B1h– Slightly doubled base of D in DOLLAR, right star towards rim and inside of bottoms of UNITED STATE -F AMERI letters. Medium II CC mint marks with die chips in both C’s.
Possibly a duplicate listing of VAM-2B
Personally examined the 'discovery piece', and confirmed that this is VAM-2B