1878-CC VAM-20

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1878-CC VAM-20 Line in Eye, Medium CC with Dot, Denticle Impressions TA

Discovered by Kirk Duncan, May 1977. Revised 2010.
20 (revised) II1 - B1g (Line in Eye, Medium CC with Dot, Denticle Impressions TA) I-2 R-5
Obverse II1 - Line in eye variety, Same as VAM 17
Reverse B1g - Medium spaced II CC mint marks at medium height. Long nock. Die chip in center of left C. Raised dots of denticle impression between lower serifs of TA in STATES with two faint raised dots between middle of TA and at top of lower serif of A. Spacing between them match denticle spacing. Heavy vertical die polishing lines in fields extending from points of letters and design elements.

Emission Sequence
Obverse: 20, 17
Reverse: 20, 29


  1. LVA stated in the letter that the polishing lines are an (EDS) tell as well as the absence of a die crack by the denticle impression of TA
  2. Same obverse used for VAM 17.
  3. 1878-CC VAM-20 TDITD


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Full Coin VAM 20 Images © Mhomei, used with permission. Reverse Gouge is a Strike thru