1878-CC VAM-2

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1878-CC VAM-2 Die Chip on Nose (Doubled LIBERTY)

2 II 2 ∙ B2a (Doubled LIBERTY) I-2 R-3
Does not exist, an 'empty nest' after marriages that formerly matched this generic description were listed in greater detail
Obverse II 2 – LIBERTY slightly doubled shifted left. Some specimens show die chip on nostril. Some also show die chip on front of forehead and top of eyelid or between loops of 8 on left.
Reverse B1a – Normal die of type B1 with medium mint marks at medium height with die chips in the center of both C's.
Although the VAM encyclopedia calls the VAM-2 "Doubled LIBERTY" with LIBERTY slightly doubled shifted left, other attributions are more apparent on this variety. One of the more prominent attribution features with the VAM-2 is a large die chip on Liberty's nose. In earlier die states the chip on the nose is very prominent but can also be extremely weak in later die states.
Large die chip on Liberty's nose.
1878CC 2.JPG1878ccmorganvam2 001.jpg1878ccmorganvam2 002.jpg
Here you can see LIBERTY doubled ever so slightly left. The chip on the nose on this coin is so weak that it almost non-existent.
78CCVAM2ert.jpg 78CCVAM2nchip.jpg
Other more prominent features that may be found on this variety are die chips on the forehead and eyebrow...
78CCVAM2headchip.jpg 78CCVAM2eyechip.jpg
...with some also exhibiting a die chip on the left side of the 8 in the date. The mintmark on the reverse is the medium type II mintmark with die chips in both CCs.
78CCVAM2chip8.jpg 78CCVAM2mm.jpg