1878-CC VAM-16

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1878-CC VAM-16 Doubled CC

16 II1 - B1e (Doubled CC) I-3 R-4
Listed in 2nd edition VAM as a common find in Van Allen and Mallis' exam of GSA holdings, likely a victim of
changing nomenclature in the VAM book. All examples seen with this exact reverse are VAM-17
Obverse II1 Normal die of 1878 P Type II with the 7 in date doubled slightly on right side (a hub defect).
Reverse B1e- Normal die of type B1 with very widely spaced mint marks, II CC, set high with right C touching wreath and double inside at top.
The B1e revese was used on VAM-16 and VAM-17.
1878ccvam16 001.jpg
Thick line in Nostral ( Obverse )
1878ccvam16 003.jpg
Wide mint mark High Right doubled CC tops of the C's
High right C is touching Wreath