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Member Name: Jason Henrichsen – or VAMfinder on eBay and VAMworld.
Avatar: My dog playing in the snow... Before that: The finest known Bar D, an NGC MS-65... And before that: "Dirty" Harry Callahan.
About Me: God has blessed me with an indescribably awesome wife with whom I reside in a rural mountain community of southern CA. Thanks to my late grandmother, I’ve both loved and collected old coins since boyhood. I found myself selling coins in late '06 after watching the M3 figures disappear prompting me to leave my job as a CA licensed real estate agent. I can't remember exactly when, but I think it was early '07 that I first learned about VAMs while collecting silver dollars, since that time I've been collecting VAMs and in early '08 I really got into it. I've been further blessed to have top-notch teachers in the hobby - people like the honorable C. Logan McKechnie and the variety-vacuum Brian Raines. I now sell VAMs full-time on eBay and the VAMworld BSTA and I love doing it. I have over 60 new VAM discoveries as of November 2010 and countless revisions.
A link to my eBay store:
What I Collect: Contemporary counterfeits, rim cuds, die breaks, die gouges, denticle impressions, die pitting, clashed letter transfers, reeding variations (wide or overlapped), MPDs, RPMs, and anything else that looks new or cool.
Successful Transactions: I've sold VAMs to many VAMworld members including Jeff Oxman, Ash Harrison, and Rob Joyce among others.
VAM Discoveries:

  • 1878-S VAM-17C (Doubled D, Denticle Impressions Obverse & Reverse)(I-5 R-6) *HIT LIST 40*
  • 1878-S VAM-30A (Quadrupled LIBERTY, Doubled Obverse, Die Break U)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1878-S VAM-42A (Doubled L-R-BU, Clashed Obverse st)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1880-S VAM-93 (Doubled 8, Tripled 0, Doubled Reverse Legend)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1882-O VAM-38B (Doubled 82, Clashed Obverse G, t, t, D, Reverse M, Die Breaks N & Star)(I-3 R-7) *KIMPTON 12*
  • 1883-O VAM-3A (Doubled 1, O/O RPM, Beveled Field St)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1883-O VAM-58 (Doubled Ear, Overlapping Reeding, Beveled Denticles)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1885-P VAM-4B (Low Dash Under 8, Die Scratch 7th Star)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1885-O VAM-28 (Misplaced Date, Die Chip Under T of STATES)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1886-O VAM-1D2 (Die Gouge Inside Ear, Clashed Obverse t)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1887-O VAM-35 (Doubled 18 & Ear Bottom, Die Scratch Near Ear)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1888-O VAM-1G (Crumbled Reverse Letters)(I-2 R-7)
  • 1890-S VAM-34 (Doubled Ear, Far Date)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1892-O VAM-19 (Doubled 1 & Cap Top, Far Date, O Tilted Right)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1897-O VAM-9 (High O Tilted Right)(I-2 R-4)
  • 1897-O VAM-10 (Low Date, High O Set Left, Tilted Right, Beveled Field STA)(I-3 R-5)
  • 1901-O VAM-6B (Thread-Like Impression Tail Feathers, Gouges Claw)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1902-O VAM-28A (Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Rev., Crumbled Stars)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1904-O VAM-12A (Denticle Impressions, Overlapped Reeding)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1904-O VAM-30B (Doubled Profile, Denticle Impressions E-D)(I-3 R-5)
  • 1921-P VAM-3CW2 (Scribbles Cheek/Leg/Wing, Denticle Impressions)(I-4 R-6)
  • 1921-P VAM-3ET (Die Break & Die Gouge at A of DOLLAR)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1921-P VAM-3EU (Unusual Scribbling Scratches High Into Eagle)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1921-P VAM-8B (Dot Wing, Die Break UM, Beveled Denticles)(I-4 R-7)
  • 1921-P VAM-39B (Dot on Wing, Die Break LIBERTY Band)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1921-S VAM-1AP2 (Clashed S, Removed In Clash, File Lines 19)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1921-S VAM-1BY (Die File Lines Obverse & Reverse)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-P VAM-1S (Vertical Striated Die Scratch at 1 Top Left)(I-2 R-4)
  • 1922-P VAM-2E1 (Die Gouge Between 19, EDS of Wing Break)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1922-P VAM-2P2 (Chin Bar, Die Gouge 1, Die Scratch U)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CG (Die Scratch Eye "Weeping Liberty")(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CI (Die Breaks Below LLA)(I-3 R-7)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CJ (Die Break Left S of S in STATES)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CK (Die Break at A of AMERICA, Dot Near 2)(I-2 R-6) - (eliminated by my 37A Discovery)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CL (Die File Lines Above 22, Doubled Eagle Shoulder)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CM (Die Break F-A)(I-2 R-7)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CS (Thread-Like Impression Below E)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-P VAM-2CT (Die Chip in Front of Neck #2)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-P VAM-6A (Doubled DOLLAR, Lower Rays, Die Break R)(I-3 R-7) *TOP 50*
  • 1922-P VAM-37A (Doubled Back of Eagle Neck Die Break at A, Dot 2)(I-3 R-6) - (old VAM-2CK)
  • 1922-P VAM-46A (Tripled Designer's Initial, Doubled D-E TR, Pitted Obverse, Scratch Hair Strands)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1922-P VAM-55A (Doubled Middle Olive Branches & Leaves, Pitted 2)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1922-P VAM-56 (Doubled Eagle's Neck, Tripled Leg Feathers)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1922-S VAM-11 (Rays on Top of Mountain, B1a Reverse)(I-5 R-5)
  • 1922-D VAM-2BA (Die Break Between L _In)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1923-P VAM-1AC2 (Whisker Chin, Twin Clash Spikes Eagle's Shoulder)(I-3 R-7)
  • 1923-P VAM-1BI (Vertical Die Scratch Between TE of UNITED)(I-2 R-4)
  • 1923-P VAM-1BL (Broad Shallow Die Gouge Below Eagle's Beak)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1923-D VAM-1BS (Hooked Liberty Lip)(I-5 R-7) - (Tied w/22-S VAM-2X for highest rated Peace VAM (12 points out of a possible 13)
  • 1923-S VAM-1BH (Closely Spaced Double Shoulder Spikes, File Lines Obv.)(I-3 R-5)
  • 1924-P VAM-1A2 (Bar D, Die Break From Rim thru VS to Lower Hair)(I-3 R-7) *TOP 50*
  • 1924-P VAM-1AH2 (Pitted & Polished Obverse, Die Breaks Cheek)(I-4 R-6)
  • 1924-P VAM-1AN (Pitted Obverse #4)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1924-P VAM-1AQ1 (File Lines Face, Swirled Die File Lines Above ONE)(I-2 R-5)
  • 1924-P VAM-1AQ2 (File Lines Face, Swirled File Lines Above ONE, Die Break N-G)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1924-P VAM-1AZ (Long Radial Die Break Above R)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1924-P VAM-6A (Doubled Lower Reverse, Pitted Reverse)(I-3 R-6)
  • 1924-P VAM-13 (Strongly Doubled Middle Feathers and Rays)(I-3 R-5)
  • 1926-D VAM-1C (Die Scratch L)(I-2 R-6)
  • 1926-D VAM-1D (Die Break ES)(I-2 R-6)

Non-VAM Discoveries:

  • 1949-P FS.401 (Bugs Bunny Die Clash) Earliest Bugs Bunny Known (PCGS Attributed)(MS64FBL)
  • 1959-P FS.401 (Bugs Bunny Die Clash) Raw MS65FBL
  • 1962-P FS.401 (Bugs Bunny Die Clash) Latest Bugs Bunny Known (Unattributed)(PCGS MS64)
  • 1937-D/S (D over S Mint Mark) (PCGS-MS66FB)