VAM Quiz Medium 3

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VAM Quiz – Medium #3

The answer page is linked at the bottom of the quiz.

1. What is the explanation for this "mess" on the reverse of this Morgan Dollar? (Bonus point if you can guess the VAM)

VAM quiz medium 3 image1.jpg
A) Someone has whizzed this coin.
B) The die has become worn from extensive use.
C) A mint engraver polished the die, resulting in these lines.
D) This coin is a "strike thru vermicelli" error.
E) None of the above

2. How many numbers are represented on the reverse of a Morgan dollar?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

3. Why is this coin only DMPL obverse and not full DMPL?

VAM quiz medium 3 image2.jpg
A) The reverse does not have reflective surfaces.
B) A new, polished obverse die was added to a well-used reverse die to create a coin with only 1-sided reflectivity.
C) Eight tailfeather VAMs are never full DMPL. The eight tailfeather reverse never retained any reflectivity.
D) A and B only
E) A, B, and C

4. Identify the following Top 50 Peace VAM:

VAM quiz medium 3 image6.jpg
A) 1921-D VAM-2A
B) 1922-P VAM-2A
C) 1923-D VAM-2A
D) 1934-S VAM-45E
E) None of the above

5. What is causing this effect in the field to the right of Liberty's cap?

VAM quiz medium 3 image3.jpg
A) Die clashing
B) Die cracking
C) Die gouges
D) Surface damage from bag marks, mishandling, etc.
E) None of the above

6. Which of the following statements about this VAM is true?

VAM quiz medium 3 image7.jpg
A) You cannot determine the date of this VAM from this photo alone.
B) Values for this variety are listed in the PCGS price guide.
C) Some grading services no longer slab this VAM because there is strong evidence it may be counterfeit.
D) About a dozen mint state examples of this VAM have been verified as of September 2007.
E) All of the above statements are false.

7. Identify the following VAM:

VAM quiz medium 3 image4.jpg
A) 1878-P VAM-3
B) 1900-O VAM-29A
C) 1921-P VAM-3F
D) 1921-D VAM-1T
E) none of the above

9. How many Top 100 VAMs come from the year 1893?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

10. What is that blob of metal in the denticles under the date called? (Bonus point if you can guess the VAM)

VAM quiz medium 3 image5.jpg
A) filed rim
B) rim cud
C) rim gouge
D) denticle clash
E) none of the above
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