Top 100 Morgan VAMs

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Top 100 Morgan VAMs

The Top 100 Morgan dollar varieties were published by Dr. Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman in 1996*. It was intended to re-focus collectors and dealers onto only the most significant VAMs known to overcome the problem of "micro-vamming" - aka the search for and collection of insignificant varieties. And what a success it has been. Many of these VAMs have entered the mainstream collecting of Morgan dollars; it has become unheard of to claim a complete Morgan dollar collection without including the 1882-O/S, Scarface, Hot Lips, and an 1900-O over CC example among several other varieties.

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Camera.jpgVAM-41B || 7/7 TF Variety
7/7 TF Variety Gouge in Cap, clashed obverse n ||
Camera.jpgVAM-44A || 7/5 TF Variety. Tripled Obverse blossoms, doubled eagle's legs. "The King of VAMs"
3 TF, Clashed Obverse n & st, Reverse M ||
Camera.jpgVAM-1A2 || Die Break Knobbed 8
Die Break Wreath Bow
Broken Knob 8, Die Break Wreath Bow ||
Camera.jpgVAM-6D || 8/7 Ear top outside left of 8, die gouge left wreath
8/7 Spike, Clashed Obverse st ||
Camera.jpgVAM-3A || O/S Flush. Look for the rare early die state
Doubled 82, Open 2, O/S "Flush", Clashed Obverse us ||
Camera.jpgVAM-1A1 || Line in 6. Two die pairs known.
Line in 6,Clashed Obverse In & st ||
Camera.jpgVAM-12A || Alligator Eye. Doubled vertical line at front of Liberty's eye.
Doubled LIBERTY, Alligator Eye, Clashed Obverse Die st ||
Camera.jpgVAM-5B || Doubled Stars
Doubled Stars & Motto, Die Break Below 18
Doubled Stars & Motto, Die Break Below 18_ at B ||
Camera.jpgVAM-22B || Pitted Reverse. Formerly VAM-22
Doubled Eyelid & Stars, Pitted Reverse, Clashed Obverse G & t ||
Camera.jpgVAM-1A2 || Clashed E Reverse. A monster double clash E stage is known
Clashed Obverse t, Reverse Partial E & M
Clashed Obverse G, T, R, D & O, Reverse BER, M ||
Camera.jpgVAM-2B || Doubled Ear Late Die State Mustache Die Break
Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse n ||
Camera.jpgVAM-1A3 || Clashed E on Reverse, Late Die stage has eyeball die break
Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT
Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT, Dome Die Sink
Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT, Die Break Left Wreath ||
(VAM-7 Incorporated into VAM-5) ||
Camera.jpgVAM-7 || All numerals of date doubled ||
Camera.jpgVAM-10A || O/CC Centered, Low
O/CC Centered, Low, Clashed n, M ||
Camera.jpgVAM-13A || Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Stars & Date
Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Stars and Date, Die Gouges ST, Scribbling Die Scratches ||
Camera.jpgVAM-25A || Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw & Left Stars
Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw & Left Stars, Die Gouge S, Scribbling Die Scratches ||
Camera.jpgVAM-26A || Infrequently Reeded, Tripled Chin & Nose Tip
Infrequently Reeded, Tripled Chin/Nose, Beveled Denticles, Scribbling Die Scratches ||
Camera.jpgVAM-28A || Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw Front
Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw Front, Scribbling Die Scratches, Beveled Denticles ||
Camera.jpgVAM-29A || Infrequently Reeded, Tripled 9 & Stars
Infrequently Reeded, Tripled 9 & Stars, Beveled Denticles ||
Camera.jpgVAM-1A2 || Filled Die: S in Trust missing. Reclassified 1921-D VAM-1A2
TRU_T Filled Die, Former VAM-1A ||

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