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Country: United States
Denomination: Peace dollar
Value: $1.00 United States dollar
Mass: 26.73
Mass grain 412.5
Diameter: 38.1
Diameter inch 1.5
Mint marks: Located above tip of eagle's
wings on reverse.
Denver Mint - D
San Francisco Mint - S
Philadelphia Mint - None
Edge: reeded

  • 90.0% Silver
  • 10.0% Copper

Silver troy oz 0.77344
Years of Minting:
1921–1928; 1934–1935
1923 RonH VAM-1A2 OBV BM 04152011.jpg
Obverse Design: Liberty
Obverse Designer: Anthony de Francisci
Obverse Design Date: 1921
1923 RonH VAM-1A2 REV BM 04152011.jpg
Reverse Design: A perched Bald Eagle
Reverse Designer: Anthony de Francisci
Reverse Design Date: 1921