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1878-P VAM-80

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'''80 II/I 6 B1b (Doubled LIBERTY, Wheat Leaves and Grains, Disconnected Leaves) (180) I-2 R-4'''<br />
'''Obverse II/I 6 -''' Doubled last four letters in LIBERTY shifted down. First three letters have polishing lines. Slightly doubled E PLURIBUS UNUM at top left serifs. Doubled 2 _ & 3 left stars and 3 _ & 4 right stars. Doubled tops of wheat leaves and grains, cotton leaves and bolls and Phrygian cap top loop. 878 slightly doubled. First 8 doubled on left inside of upper loop. 7 doubled at top right of shaft. Second 8 doubled on left and bottom inside of upper loop and bottom inside of lower loop. Shallow over polished ear.<br />
''Key Identifier'' - Doubled cap fold.<br />
'''Reverse B1b-''' Die overpolished with last three leaves disconnected from olive branch. Diagonal polishing lines in field below tail feathers. Small die chip on eagle's right wing at top next to body.<br />
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