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VAM Of The Week

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[[1882-O VAM-3A]] (Doubled 82, Open 2, O/S "Flush", Clashed Obverse us)<br />
[[1891-O VAM-14A|1891-O VAM-14A]] (Doubled Bow, Clashed Obverse n, God We, Reverse M)<br />
[[1892-CC VAM-2A]] (Rim Cud UR, CC Tilted Left)<br />
[[1878-CC VAM-15|1878-CC VAM-15]] (Spiked Lip)<br />
[[1882-P VAM-33|1882-P VAM-33]] (Doubled 882 & Upper Reverse)<br />
[[1900-P VAM-5C]] (Near date, clashed In, st, M)<br />
[[1921-P VAM-19B|1921-P VAM-19B]] (Quadrupled Left Stars, Rim Cud)<br />
[[1881-S VAM-54A|1881-S VAM-54A]] (Doubled 18-1, Reverse Die Break Eagle)<br />
[[1900-O VAM-53A|1900-O VAM-53A]] (Near Slanted Date, Clashed N, st)<br />
[[1879-CC VAM-3]] (Capped Die, Large over Small CC)<br />
[[1883-O VAM-52|1883-O VAM-52]] (EDS, Rotated Dies)<br />
[[1887-P VAM-15A|1887-P VAM-15A]] (Doubled Stars & RIB, Clashed t)<br />
[[1881-O VAM-1J|1881-O VAM-1J]] (Over-Polished Reverse)<br />
[[1902-O VAM-26A|1902-O VAM-26A]] (Double Clashed G, Counterclashing, Ovaloids)<br />
[[1888-O VAM-7A|1888-O VAM-7A]] ("Shooting Star" Obverse Die Gouge)<br />
[[1904-O VAM-32|1904-O VAM-32]] (Clashed Obverse G, Doubled Top Reverse)<br />
[[1903-O VAM-16A|1903-O VAM-16A]] (Doubled Profile, Die Chip RI)<br />
[[1902-O VAM-7C|1902-O VAM-7C]] (Clashed G and Counterclashing)<br />

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