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1923-P VAM-9

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1923-P VAM-9 Doubled ONE
=1923-P VAM-9 '''Doubled ONE'''=
Discovered by David Close.<br />
<br />
'''9 II 1 B2g (Doubled ONE) I-3 R-5'''<br />
'''Reverse B2g-''' Doubled ONE towards rim, three rays above and three rays below ONE on left side, rays below tail feathers on left side and two rear leg feathers on back side.<br />
<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
 '''Threads:''' <br />== LVA Plate Photos =: === Additional Photos =: =
[[image:DKC_1923_VAM_9.jpg]]<br />
<br />= Full Coin Photos =
[[1923-P VAM-9#TOP|Top]]<br />

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