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1878-P VAM-14.2

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'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' The 1878-P VAM-14.2 8-Tail Feather Variety has the I²4 obverse and the A¹I reverse. It shares the same reverse as the ultra-rare VAMs [[1878-P VAM-14.15|1878-P VAM-14.15]] and [[1878-P VAM-14.20|1878-P VAM-14.20]] so it is important to be able to differentiate them between the more common VAM-14.2 attributions.<br />
'''2. The EDS example of this coin does not have the cracks around the stars''' as some books show. The EDS has the crack starting from the wheat leaf headed towards the L & I (the "I" first) of liberty. It is also possible to have one which has a 193 reed count , whereas some books lead you to believe it only has a 181 reed count. Though different.<br />
'''3.''' The 14.2 may also have heavy (much heavier than the pics on this page show) polishing lines in the same places as the 14.20. Because the three varieties share the same reverse, they also share attributions such as the same engraved feathers at the base of the eagle's left and right wings, a horizontal polishing line in the letter N of ONE, and a die scratch on the olive leaf adjacent to the eagle's right leg.<br />