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1904-P VAM-6

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1904-P VAM-6 Doubled Profile
'''6 ('''revised''') III2 6 C4e (Doubled Profile, Doubled Reverse Lettering) (189) I-2 R-4'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 6''' - Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from forehead down to neck.<br />
'''Die 1''' ''- Die marker -'' Fine crack across bent wheat leaf. Die used for VAM-6A. '''NOT KNOWN TO EXIST AT THIS POINT'''> Evil mimic of VAM-7 with scratch wheat leaves over tops of cotton leaves. Example: VAM-6 Die#2 [[ EVIL MIMIC.]]<br />
'''Die 2''' ''- Die marker -'' Three raised tiny die chips below Phrygian cap ribbon.<br />
'''Die 3''' - ''Die marker -'' Heavy die polishing /scratches at wheat leaf-cotton gap, above top left cotton leaf and single nearly vertical line right side of lowest cotton leaf.<br />