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Site FAQ:

Can I post copyrighted material here? No. This site is governed by the [Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 License]. You must create the content yourself, take the pictures yourself, or have the authority to release it under this license.

Can I advertise coins for sale here?There is a buy, sell, trade, advertise (BSTA) discussion board. Please keep commercial activity off the main message board and the rest of the site.

Can I link to this site from my coin web site? Yes, VAMworld exists to share VAM information widely. We appreciate the extra visitors.

Can I link to VAM information on this from my online auction? Yes, it is fine to link to the specific VAM page on VAMworld .

Can I use a picture from this site in my VAM auction or other sale venue? Please do not use the pictures from this site when selling a coin. We want to avoid the implication that the picture from VAMworld is the coin being sold. If you want a buyer to reference a picture on VAMworld, use a link to send them to the actual VAMworld page rather than posting a picture or content from this site.

How do I add a picture? See also Posting Pics 102 photo post tutorial

How Do I resize a Photo for Posting on this Site? sizing photos for posting

How do I add a table? In editing mode, press the “Use Text Editor” button at the bottom right of the page. Create cells by surrounding each cell with two vertical characters ||
An example of a three cell table would be: || one || two || three ||
You can edit the contents of a table using the visual editor but to add lines you will need to insert them while in text editor mode.

Setting table column width and preventing word-wrap: See Setting Table Column Width.

How do I perform other formatting tasks?

Where do I turn for help posting? If you are really stuck, please click on the "[message board]" link to the left and post a question. The great members here in VAMworld are always quick to help.