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Participants in the registry must be members of the SSDC and be in good standing. Scoring is based on the point system in the SSDC Registry itself, the degree of difficulty the various sets present, and the dedication to excellence demonstrated in the particular set. Winners are selected with the judge's discretion and the results are announced at VAM Thing. Awards are presented to the set name as it appeared at the time of the award.

SSDC VAM of The Award
Date VAM Owner
1. Best Complete Morgan VAM Set fogie
2. Best Complete Peace VAM Set Lordscoins
3. Best Standard Morgan Dollar Set Standard Morgan Top 100 MorganDollars Top 100
4. Best Standard Peace Dollar Set Complete Peace Top 50 colwillys sets
5. Best Standard Subset Morgan Super CD Lee's Super CD's
6. Best Specialty Set E Clash Morgans MASTER E SET
7. Best Individual Date Set Morgan 1878 Set 1878 Philly Madness
8. Impact Award 1878-S Long Nocks 78-S LN Knockin Heavens Door SF Madness Part 1