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The Society of Silver Dollar Collectors

link to the registry [[1]]

Who are we? We're an association of collectors whose primary focus is to encourage research and enjoyment in U.S. silver dollar varieties. To this end, we have assembled this website. In addition, we publish a periodic e-mail newsletter, the VAM-E, which disseminates silver dollar research, news, and club announcements.

The SSDC serves as a nationwide clearinghouse of information for the most up-to-date information about new variety discoveries, and this keeps our members on the cutting-edge of this segment of the hobby.

The idea is simple. The SSDC is making every effort to be a valuable resource for our members! If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact the SSDC office.

  • Updates on new VAM discoveries
  • Latest information about the VAM market
  • Unequalled acceess to like-minded VAM enthusiasts
  • Annual meetings at the summer ANA & FUN Shows
  • Participation in the VAM Registry
  • Eligibility for the SSDC ANA Summer Seminar Scholarship ||

Effective March 11, 2016:
If sending a paper application and a check, the mailing address for your application and dues is now P.O. Box 604, Lewisville, NC 27023.
[Membership Form]

Dues payments by PayPal are now available. Send to or use the button below.
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SSDC Officers:

Ash Harrison, President, [[2]]
Clayton Christiansen, Vice President
Crae Morton, Treasurer, [[3]]
Russ James, Membership Secretary

SSDC Directors:

John Roberts
Grant Hobika
Mark Witkower
Alan Scott, [[4]]
Ash Harrison
Russ James
John Baumgart, [[5]]
Robert Franklin
Gil Comito

Mailing Address: SSDC, c/o Crae Morton, P.O. Box 604, Lewisville, NC 27023. Membership in the SSDC is $21.95/year or $325/life.
Benefits include SSDC Registry, VAM-E newsletter, consultation and collaboration with like-minded VAM enthusiasts.

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