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File:Ronald M. Gapa 2011 Lake Pointe Dr. Ortonville, Mi. 48462 October 25, 2018

Leroy Van Allen P. O. Box 196 Sidney, Ohio 45365

Dear Mr. Van Allen,

     Enclosed is four(4) Morgan Dollars for your examination as follows:
          1)1903-P  Vam-? Obverse: Looks to have Doubled Profile,        
           PCGS-35973889  Doubled Ear left inside and outer edge.            
                                          Doubled Stars.                                                                                                                            
                                         Reverse: Shows Doubled IGWT & some Reverse 
                                          lettering. Shows Vam-1A with Bow Gouge.
         2)1903-O  Vam-? Obverse: Normal Date, spiked 9. Clashed “t” 
            RAW                     showing in HairVee. Clash lines on Neck.
                                          Doubled Profile forehead to chin.
                                         Reverse: Possible Reverse Clashed “M”.
                                          Light Clash on right wreath. Polishing lines near
                                          Bow and MM. “O” MM slightly set right.
          3)1889-O VAM-? Obverse: Shows Slanted Date, Clashed “t”at
             RAW                     HairVee.	Polishing lines on Liberty Band. 3 Clash
                                           Lines from neck. Shows some V-25 Markers.
                                          Reverse: Clashed “t” evidence and Raised “M” 
                                           above d of God. 3 Clash lines off wing near In.
           4)1903-O V-4A    REVISION: To add Die scratch on REVERSE from 
           PCGS #34398769 Left wreath to “D” of UNITED. Photos of 3 coins
                                           are included.One from D Halladay vw Member.

Thank you for your time and effort on these Morgans. Best Regards;

                           Ronald M. Gapa