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From SB06 Bottom right - More topic actions<br />
Rename/Move topic - PhPa1887V3AAW082217 (WikiWord Only checked on)<br />
Attachments are automatically adjusted as part of the operation<br />
Do not check to change link on AW home page<br />
Bottom right - More topic actions<br />
Set new parent - PhPa1887V3 (not PhPa1887V3A) the parent is the base variety<br />
Then From SB05 Bottom right - More topic actions<br />
SB05 was blank with no attachments<br />
Copy topic to AndyWoj00SB06 (SB06 no longer exists after renaming to PhPa1887V3AAW082217)<br />
Adjusted all sandboxes to include link to SB06 (was not there previously for some reason)<br />
Galleries<br />
Galleries<br />
http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/79498632 RUBS<br />
http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/79498632 RUBS<br />

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http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/79498632 RUBS
Soon many Members will be at a stage consisting of many; Would have, Could have, Should have. Before that happens I think it's truly time for some specific info on not only the Migration but ALSO the players involved in this site's future. There are many Members who do not know John JB / John C / Ash / JA / and a few Edit junkies NJ/ and myself. Most do know of Mitch and myself editing pages but where the others fit in to the Migration needs to be disclosed so OUR Members are properly informed. Who is calling the shots for OUR site's future. WE should know. And those calling the shots should be Humble enough to listen to suggestions and ideas from the Membership.
When the NEW site goes live - Who is going to take care of the pages from NV's to correction of info not transferred correctly ??
No one has contacted me nor Mitch that I know about to teach us the NEW Coding the new site will need to perform properly. I know there has been a hand full before me and only a hand full now working the EDIT mode, but all have MANY hours into it and DON'T want to see the site lose data. JA is near 36,000 edits - Mitch is over 21,000 and I am over 23,000 and only here since 2014. We need more specific info and someone willing to TEACH, like someone from the educational world, - OH wait we have that type of guy as a MEMBER. Maybe someone should get a lil' HUMBLE and ask for help !!!!!!
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