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I started like many of us, as a youngster with DAD. The passion was later ignited at the Detroit Free Press with many kids paying their bills with collectible coins. Those years also included visiting COIN SHOPS. Many, many coin shops. Then lost most of it, (long story) and was not active for years. The last 20+ years very active with the last 2 giving me my Morgan Dollar VAM exposure. In fact we only had a 1884 O and a 1883 CC Silver Dollar for about 18 years. Sold the 84 O about three years ago and still have the 1883 CC. Now, the good part, my VAM start, I really never got into Morgans because I felt there was just too much to understand, learn, and too many dates,mintmarks, just too much. Well, about a year and a half ago I found out my 1883 CC in a OGH MS65 was a VAM 3a and got my first VAM certified by Anacs. I was planning to list it on the net just before I found out it was a VAM. So I could have missed out ever knowing it was a VAM. Now, I'm still green about VAMS but I do now have the desire to learn as I go. Yes , I now , sorry, WE now own some VAMS. That's the wonderful lil' woman and I. Some of them might be good, we hope. We do have other coins, some different gold eagles and some nice IHC's. One IHC is triple "1" double 867, that we discovered, even this I almost missed and sent it in without seeing the RPD. These events somehow has heightened my ability to see what I call "Specials". Dates, letters, Mintmarks extra numerals, but honestly I'm terrible with "CLASHES". So I do hope to learn a lot from this new chapter in my coin life. And that's why I am a member of VAM WORLD. I love the HISTORY and respect the TALENT of all the historic engravers.

6-5-14 Update : Learned how to see clashes, Love em ! Even bought a few. Thanks you two for your help.
6-30-14 Update : 1879 S V29a My pics are placed on 1879s V29 and 29a Topic Pages. Thanks to LAE2.
7-6-14 Update : Hope Loren makes the Family Reunion, good hearted guy :}
9-18-14 Update : Sent JB (vss) first load of Vams for PCGS bulk submission. Lots of Cracks and Clashes.
9-21-14 Update : Did my first VOTW with NJ's help.
10-21-14 Update : Special Thanks to JH , JB, JR, Lee, NJM. You guys mean a lot :}
11-3-14 Update : Sent in first coin to LVA, 1921 P, assisted by : NJM. Thx for the chance :}
11-12-14 Update : 1st Pcgs order returned ; NOT too Bad......... c+
11-21-14 Udate : 1st LVA NV is a NO GO ;{ 21P v68
11-21-14 Update : Posted newer Pick 85O v25a R6
11-22-14 Update : Loren is around MORE :}
12-8-14 Update : Bulk submission comes home. B- overall. Good cost.
12-8-14 Update : JB returns 2 for LVA. 81P & 82P NV's??
12-17-14 Update : 2 New Discoveries 81P v1G 82P v1J THX Loren, JB.
1-4-14 Update : 12 raw to JB & PCGS. Better MS conditions.
1-22-15 Update : Learned WIKI editor and how to code my PTP pics. Thanks Teach :}
2-11-15 Update: Sent LVA 1888P, Possible NV.
2-12-15 Update: Loren and I finished 83O VAM-36a "Ear -Date -Crack" Comparison Page
2-17-15 Update: Linked 1883O EDB COMPS to MTP
2-21-15 Update: 1888-P comes back V-1, hey gotta be a 64 or better.
2-23-15 Update: Did my second VOTW. Did this one myself. THX to LAE2 !!
3-2-15 Update: Sent NJ 98O V7B TONING ? NT is decided.
3-3-15 Update: First Raw FAKE Morgan and posting it.
3-9-15 Update: Second Bulk Submission via 1-4-15 "B-" .
3-28-15 Update: NJ and I go to the "Dark Side" Peace Bucket.
3-29-15 Update: Post 83CC V-5b/c? MS65"+"
4-1-15 Update: I became a PEACE edit machine.Teamwork :}
4-20-15 Update: Post 1880CC GSA Ngc64 V-3A, great coin!
5-4-15 Update: Post 1881CC GSA NGC"66" V-3 SWEET Coin!
5-20-15 Update: Post 1883O V19A next day 1904O V35B Good coins and POST.
5-27-15 Update: BIG post "Rusty Fish Hooks" 1904-O V-4B !!
6-5-15 Update: Post 1884CC V-7A. Great response- True R-6. JAustinRB lends a hand.
6-7-15 Update: Loren post BIG animated lay-overs. FANTASTIC effort:}
6-12-15 Update: Couple GOOD post; 84O V-37A and 87P V-3A.
6-15-15 Update: 98O V-13A may be MORE ? VW hurtin'
6-24-15 Update: DC watching out for me :}
6-26-15 Update: Post "Top Pop" 85O VAM-25A NGC-66. AND opened up another "Top Pop". NJ knows:}
6-27-15 Update: Post 1885P V-1J "Top Pop" GOOD Coin :}
6-29-15 Update: Post 1884P V-2A Clash "E" Good "E" showing.
7-12-15 Update: Setting up 98O Die study. Loren's been working a lot, hope he gets a break.
7-13-15 Update: Happy BirthDay DC !!!
7-15-15 Update: Post 98O V13A "Triple clash-Double "t". FUN Coin :}
7-17-15 Update: Post another Quality 98-O V-13A. Good response again :}
7-25-15 Update: Post PCGS ms64 1904-O VAM-4B. Good coin:} Rusty Fishhooks
7-27-15 Update: Bulk Sub Back; 2 64's 98-O v-7B -- 88-P v-36. Overall "B"
8-2-15 Update: Post 84CC Vam-7A GSA MS-65 Good Post :}
8-5-15 Update: Post Top Pop 1904-O Vam-10A PCGS MS65, Kurt did help :}
8-6-15 Update: Grades by Photo format posted,,,went VERY good. THX all :]
8-15-15 Update: Post 1882-O V-29A "G" Clasher fun post, right Lee :}
8-28-15 Update: Post 1898-O V13A comps, REALLY good info presented.
9-1-15 Update: Thanks to all you guys for your support- guys in the know !! The rest too.
9-11-15 Update: Post 1887-O V-30A Puzzling clash events. rmg/lae2 had fun :}
9-25-15 Update: Post 1887-O V-13A, good coin. Good post.
9-26-15 Update: Post 1886-O V1E2 --------------------------------------------------------------Those who have Helped me "Thank You"
10-15-15 Update: Post another 87-O V13A/NV--Put on SD high reso, CAN SEE rev "t" clash lines = NV.
10-16-15 Update: Bulk sub grades B+. 98-O 64+ and 87P Gator 64
10-20-15 Update: PCGS sub grades A- 2 65's 1899-O 1904-O V4B :}
10-24-15 Update: LVA 87-O is 13A :{
11-5-15 Update: Number one goes down :}
11-23-15 EDIT machine kicks in --- post for help.
11-26-15 10000 EDITS :\ wow 12-10-15 Update:88P V12A -- 04O V35A 2Good posts.
12-14-15 Update: GEM 1880-S V63A post and pics to page.
3-6-16 Been a while 1900-O V23C went well and a 1904-O Vam-4A "DMPL"
3-6-16 Editing became a 'nightmare and now VOTW has been restricted by the Clique.

       SD is the answer 

PHOTOS on TP's ....**

   1879-S VAM-29A
   1885-P VAM-4A
   1885-P VAM-9E
   1889-P VAM-3A
   1881-S VAM-42
   1887-P VAM-21B
   1883-CC VAM-8A
   1885-O VAM-25A
   1879-S VAM-29
   1888-P VAM-1F
   1921-P VAM-1G
   1881-P VAM-19
   1881-P VAM-1G
   1882-P VAM-1J

Ron1883 coins Pictured....