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1883-O VAM-36A Die Progression: Ear Die Chips - Date - Bow Bridge Crack

(These studies are from PCGS and VSS attributed coins.)
This is a Hot 50 and a Elite Clashed Morgan Dollar
36A(revised) III2 19 · C3a (Doubled 18-3, Partial E on Reverse, Clashed Obverse DO) (181) I-4 R-6
Obverse III2 19 – Clashed die with partial incuse top corner of D showing below I of PLURIBUS and slightly doubled curved line of O at right side of right wheat grain stalk of DOLLAR from reverse.
Reverse C3a – Clashed die with partial raised E from obverse LIBERTY showing below eagle’s tail feathers on left side. Vertical bar and middle serif of E shows. Same die as 1883-O VAM-22A.
Discovered by Bill Fivaz, May 1974.
Subject: [ 1883-O VAM-36A ] Comparisons of: Ear Chips, Date, Bridge Crack
Message: Comparison includes 5 Die stages. VEDS - EDS1 - EDS2 - MDS - LDS (Most photographs are of raw coins prior to PGS certification.) This is an ongoing working Page. Please contact me with any helpful photos. Ron1883

Die Progression for the 1883-O VAM-36A
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    Die Chip Inside Ear                Date                       Bridge Crack

Very Early Die State
Early Die State 1
Early Die State 2
Middle Die State
Late Die State
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