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Rmg 1903O 092418

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1903-O VAM-4A Doubled 3, O Set Right, Tilted Left, Ovaloid at neck

Discovery 2007
4A III2 3 - C4c (Doubled 3, O Set Right, Tilted Left, Ovaloid at neck) (?) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 3 - Closed 9. 3 doubled at top. Clashed die with diagonal lines at jaw neck junction and raised ovaloid in field just below lines.
Possibly from die flake coming off as dies clashed.
Reverse C4c - Mint mark set right and tilted left. Clashed die with small raised ovaloid in field below N of IN. Die scratch at lower right of A in AMERICA.
1- Observations by John Roberts: This piece represents a new class of clashed die variety. The 'ovaloid' feature of the VAM-4A is a form of die failure associated with multiple clashing of dies. Many other clashed stage varieties exhibit this characteristic. Most, but not all, are already listed for letter transfer clashmarks. One of the most extreme examples of this type of die failure may be found on the late stages of the 'Clashed E' 1891-O, VAM-1A2 and 1A3. Careful examination of dollars with multiple clashes will almost certain lead to a number of new listings of a similar nature. This anomaly was first pointed out to me by Dr. Mark Kimpton. Few of the dates I have noted this characteristic on are as strong as the ovaloid on the obverse of this listing, most are more like the small one found on this reverse. A closer look is certainly warranted.
2- Exact same die pair as 1903-O VAM4
No LVA Plate Photo:

Diagnostic Photographs