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Rmg 1900O 121716

1900-O VAM 35A

Discovered as 14A December 2003 by O.C. Smith Jr. Became VAM-35A 2013
35A III22 · C3l (Doubled 900 & Ear, High O, Clashed Obverse n) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III22– Clashed die with partial incuse n of In from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck. Die cracks at date digit bottoms with slight displaced field breaks on later die states. Later clashed die state shows two diagonal clash lines at neck with weakened same clashed n.

LVA Plate Photos

Posted Coin Comments:

  • MS quality coin. update Pcgs ms63 (5136)
  • Doubled clash event.
  • Looks VLDS w/Cracks well developed.
  • Crack @ MERI shows displaced metal.
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

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Diagnostic Photographs