Rmg 1900O 021617

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COIN Poll- What's the order of Mintage of the following 3 Coins ???

=Coin Comparisons 1900-O VAM-35A=
120916 121716 122016
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120916 121716 122016

Rmg 1900O 120916a.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716a.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016a.jpg

Rmg 1900O 120916j.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716j.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016j.jpg

Rmg 1900O 120916g.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716g.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016g.jpg

Rmg 1900O 120916c.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716c.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016c.jpg

Rmg 1900O 120916m.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716m.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016m.jpg

Rmg 1900O 120916w.jpg Rmg 1900O 121716w.jpg Rmg 1900O 122016w.jpg

More Photos with Comments @ http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/NeOr1900V35ARMGDieProg

Please post the order you believe is correct.

•Question 1: Is field displacement along the "ERI" crack sufficient to warrant a Road Trip ??
•Question 2: Does the mint mark appear tilted to the right ??