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(Diagnostic Photographs:)
(1898-O VAM-13A Very Near Date, O Set High, Tripled 8, Clashed Obverse t)
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* Collaboration by: rmg/lae2<br />
* Collaboration by: rmg/lae2<br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
Windycity coin; http://www.vamworld.com/message/view/home/12999607<br />
Windycity coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/message/view/home/12999607<br />
Ron1883 coin; http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/74171226<br />
Ron1883 coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/74171226<br />
Ron1883 WLT coin; http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/74422619<br />
Ron1883 WLT coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/74422619<br />
'''3 LVA Plate Photos:'''<br />
'''3 LVA Plate Photos:'''<br />
[[image:1898-O_VAM-13A_Clash_t_Hairc-horz.jpg |840px]]<br />
[[image:1898-O_VAM-13A_Clash_t_Hairc-horz.jpg |840px]]<br />

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1898-O VAM-13A Very Near Date, O Set High, Tripled 8, Clashed Obverse t

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, April 2003.
Double T Obverse, Tripled left and right reverse
13A(revised) III2 8 · C3b (Very Near Date, O Set High, Tripled 8, Clashed Obverse t) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 8– Multiple clashed die with single or double partial incuse last t in Trust and wing edge from reverse showing in right vee of lower hair edge.
Reverse C3b– Medium O mint mark set high and upright.
'Comments:'1- Confused with the 1898-O VAM-23 which has a strong single clash and very near date...check your Bow and Date cracks!!!
Posted Raw Coin Comments:

  • Triple Clash obv.
  • Notice top set of left leaves on Rev, shows Tripling.
  • Some "t" shots look tripled.
  • "GEM" quality coin. Update: PCGS MS-63 10/18/15 32911293
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Windycity coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/message/view/home/12999607
Ron1883 coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/74171226
Ron1883 WLT coin; http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/74422619
3 LVA Plate Photos:
1898-O VAM-13A Clash t Hairc-horz.jpg

Diagnostic Photographs:

    1898-O VAM-13A Raw coin, (181) I-2 R-5. 
Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.

Rmg 1898O 071615a.jpgRmg 1898O 071615b.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615c.jpgRmg 1898O 071615d.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615e.jpgRmg 1898O 071615f.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615g.jpgRmg 1898O 071615h.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615i.jpgRmg 1898O 071615j.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615k.jpgRmg 1898O 071615l.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615m.jpgRmg 1898O 071615n.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615o.jpgRmg 1898O 071615p.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615q.jpgRmg 1898O 071615r.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615s.jpgRmg 1898O 071615t.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615u.jpgRmg 1898O 071615v.jpg
||= Rmg 1898O 071615w.jpgRmg 1898O 071615x.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615y.jpgRmg 1898O 071615z.jpg
Photo below seems to show a "Triple t ".
Rmg 1898O 071615za.jpgRmg 1898O 071615zb.jpg
More Photos:
Rmg 1898O 071615zc.jpgRmg 1898O 071615zd.jpg br /> Rmg 1898O 071615ze.jpgRmg 1898O 071615zf.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615zg.jpgRmg 1898O 071615zh.jpg
1898-O V-13A Comparison. MDS - LDS Left leaf cluster Clashes.
Rmg 1898O 070815q.jpgRmg 1898O 071615ze.jpg
Rmg 1898O 071615zf.jpgRmg 1898O 071615t.jpg