Rmg 1889P 110515

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1889-P VAM-3A

Discovery 2011
Revised 2014
3A (revised) III2.3 -C3a (Doubled Date & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die) (190) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2.3 - Late die states have double ear and shortened doubling below 1 from die polishing.
Threads: Ron1883's coin: [[1]] 7-2014
http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/76610331 2015

LVA Plate Photos

Posted Coin Comments:

  • Need VAM confirmation PLZ.
  • Shows signs of 3A Obv. SUNKEN Die UPDATE VSS V-3A 3/14/16
  • MS quality coin.
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Diagnostic photographs:

    1889-P VAM-3A Raw coin.(190) I-3 R-5. 
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Rmg 1889P 110515a.jpgRmg 1889P 110515b.jpg
Next 2 photos from V-3A(vss) pcgs ms-62
Rmg 1889P 080214a.jpgRmg 1889P 080214b.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515e.jpgRmg 1889P 110515f.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515g.jpgRmg 1889P 110515h.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515i.jpgRmg 1889P 110515j.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515k.jpgRmg 1889P 110515l.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515m.jpgRmg 1889P 110515n.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515o.jpgRmg 1889P 110515p.jpg
Rmg 1889P 110515q.jpgRmg 1889P 110515r.jpg
1889 P VAM3A RON1883-8COMP1.jpg