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(More Photos by Request)
(1887-O Vam-13A Diagnostic Page & Study)
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* MS condition coin. ''WRONG'' PCGS  AU-55  3/14/16 '''SOLD'''<br />
* MS condition coin. ''WRONG'' PCGS  AU-55  3/14/16 '''SOLD'''<br />
* Collaboration by: rmg/lae2<br />
* Collaboration by: rmg/lae2<br />
'''Threads:''' http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/75364063<br />
'''Threads:''' http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/75364063<br />
= Diagnostic photographs: =   
= Diagnostic photographs: =   
     '''1887-O VAM-13A raw coin, ( 181) I-2 R-6''' <br />
     '''1887-O VAM-13A raw coin, ( 181) I-2 R-6''' <br />

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1887-O Vam-13A Diagnostic Page & Study

Posted coin Comments:

  • Possible New Variety, shows V- 13A, appears very near date .
  • Clash "t" and "G" possible. Clash "t"is there-last 2 photos are new. Will provide a NV. UPDATE: LVA calls it V13A 11-13-15
  • Help with "Clash and transfer" may require more photos.
  • MS condition coin. WRONG PCGS AU-55 3/14/16 SOLD
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Threads: http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/75364063

Diagnostic photographs:

    1887-O VAM-13A raw coin, ( 181) I-2 R-6 
Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.

Rmg 1887O 092115a.jpgRmg 1887O 092115b.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115c.jpgRmg 1887O 092115d.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115e.jpgRmg 1887O 092115f.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115g.jpgRmg 1887O 092115h.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115i.jpgRmg 1887O 092115j.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115k.jpgRmg 1887O 092115l.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115m.jpgRmg 1887O 092115n.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115o.jpgRmg 1887O 092115p.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115q.jpgRmg 1887O 092115r.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115s.jpgRmg 1887O 092115t.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115u.jpgRmg 1887O 092115v.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115w.jpgRmg 1887O 092115x.jpg

More Photos by Request

Rmg 1887O 092115y.jpgRmg 1887O 092115z.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115za.jpgRmg 1887O 092115zb.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115zc.jpgRmg 1887O 092115zd.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115ze.jpgRmg 1887O 092115zf.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115zg.jpgRmg 1887O 092115zh.jpg
Rmg 1887O 092115zi.jpgRmg 1887O 092115zj.jpg