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Rmg 1884CC 102317

1884-CC VAM-3A Doubled 188 Left, Die Break Left Wreath Top

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, February 2003.
3A III23 · C3a (Doubled 188 Left, Die Break Left Wreath Top) (177) I-2 R-5
Obverse III23– Counterclash doubling at back of Phrygian cap ribbon.
Reverse C3a– Heavy multiple clash marks with die breaks at top right of left wreath from die clash. Top of right wreath has clash vee below two clash vees.
LVA Plate Photos:
Posted Coin Comments:

  • PCGS MS-66 TP possibility. Returned 10/26/17
  • All V-3A features including wing scratches.
  • Question is there Transfer ???
  • Question is there 3 Clashes on right wreath ???
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

Diagnostic Photographs