Rmg 1882P 012620

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1882-P VAM-XX

Posted Coin Comments:

  • Heavy "Micro" pitting on Eagle like V-20.
  • Normal Date position.
  • Date has chips on first 8, second 1 has spike lower left on main shaft.
  • MM is centered and a touch high.
  • Collaboration by SDP Members

1882-P VAM-XX

Discovered by
XX IIIX XX · Cxx ( ) (---) I-? R-?
Obverse IIIX XX– .
Reverse Cxx–

LVA Plate Photos

Posted Coin Comments:

Diagnostic Photographs

1882-P VAM-XX Raw, (---) I-? R-?.
thumb_rmg_1882P_012620a.jpg thumb_rmg_1882P_012620b.jpg
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