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1882-O VAM-29A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse G & First t, Clashed Reverse M

Discovered by Mike Emswiler, April 2004./ Revised 2011.
This coin is a Super CD Morgan Vam.
29A(revised) III2 20 · C3a (Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse G & First t, Clashed Reverse M) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 20– Clashed die with partial incuse G of God from reverse next to Liberty head neck and partial incuse first t of Trust from reverse in space between hair locks at right of designer’s initial M.
Reverse C3a - Clashed die with raised designer's initial M from obverse showing above W of We.
Comments: Later die stages show heavier die cracks on lower right wreath with chips and minor field displacement.
Posted Coin Comments:

  • Hey Lee, a "G" Clasher, I think ?
  • "ECM" Vam.
  • Extra areas of clash marks around Eagle's head.
  • Seems like a clash line to bottom of left leg of "n".
  • Cracks seems to point to LDS.
  • Very HIGH grade coin. Update 10/18/15 Pcgs MS-62
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

LVA Plate Photos

1882-O VAM-29A Clashed G.jpg

Diagnostic Photographs:

   1882-O VAM-29A Raw coin (181) I-2 R-5 Super CD. 
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Rmg 1882O 081515a .jpgRmg 1882O 081515b.jpg
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Rmg 1882O 081515m.jpgRmg 1882O 081515n.jpg
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Rmg 1882O 081515za.jpgRmg 1882O 081515zb.jpg
Rmg 1882O 081515o.jpgRmg 1882O 081515p.jpg
[[image:rmg_1882O_081515q.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1882O_081515q Rmg 1882O 081515zc.jpgRmg 1882O 081515zd.jpg