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Rmg 1882CC 100319

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1882-CC VAM-2A2 Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8

Discovery 2010.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM.
2A2 III2 2- C3b (Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8) (178) I-5 R-6
Obverse III2 2 -Slightly polished die with shallow diagonal bar of 1 top MPD below left 8 and clashed n removed. Polishing lines at two right stars and wheat leaves slightly weakened.
Reverse C3b - Slightly polished die weakening die clash marks and removing most of polishing roughness inside right C mint mark.
1. VAM 2A2, the main characteristics of a VAM 2A1 should all still be around, just polished down a bit. Heavier subsequent polishing marks the next point in the progression, VAM 2B1. Those partially polished out die lines around the right stars are a good indicator of a VAM 2A2.
2. VAM-2, VAM-2A1,VAM-2A2, and VAM-2B1 show the top of a misplaced "1" below the first "8" in the date.
3. The extraneous die polishing marks under the first and second stars to the right of the date are only present on VAM-2, VAM-2A1 and VAM-2A2

LVA Plate Photos

Posted Coin Comments:

  • Coin shows a Strong Clashing event.
  • MS 64+ coin.
  • Interesting features.
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

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