Rmg 1881S 092216

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Coins involved in Progression :* 2 Raw, 1 PCGS MS-66.

  • First 8 chips at loops & 2nd upper Arrow feather.
  • Has Slanted Date like V-22.
  • Possible NV or New Die Marker.
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Diagnostic photographs:

Suggested Die Progression: Chips at the Second Upper Arrow feather and loops of First 8
==061316 Raw== ||= ==070216 Raw== ||= ==071216 MS66==
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rmg_1881S_070216l.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_070216l.jpg

rmg_1881S_071216l.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_071216l.jpg

rmg_1881S_061316u.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_061316u.jpg

rmg_1881S_070216u.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_070216u.jpg

rmg_1881S_071216u.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_071216u.jpg

rmg_1881S_061316a.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_061316a.jpg

rmg_1881S_070216a.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_070216a.jpg]]

rmg_1881S_071216a.jpg |link=rmg_1881S_071216a.jpg