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(Diagnostic photographs:)
(Diagnostic photographs:)
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     '''1880-S VAM-63A Raw Coin, (188)I-2 R-5.''' <br />
     '''1880-S VAM-63A Raw Coin, (188)I-2 R-5.''' <br />
     ''Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.'' <br />
     ''Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.'' <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg]] <br />
||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg]] ||<br />
[[image:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg]][[image:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg |415px  |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg]] <br />
[[rmg_1880S_121415#TOP|Top]]<br />
[[rmg_1880S_121415#TOP|Top]]<br />

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1880-S VAM-63A Doubled Date, Die Gouge L

Discovered by Ben Wengel, June 2008
63A III2 37 - C3b (Doubled Date, Die Gouge L) (188) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 37 – Entire date is doubled. 1 doubled slightly below upper crossbar. First 8 doubled on surface at lower right outside of upper and lower loops and at top right inside of lower loop. Second 8 doubled at lower left of upper loop. 0 doubled at left and right outside at top and bottom.
Reverse C3b – Normal die of C3 type with very large centered and upright VI S mint mark. Die gouge above L in DOLLAR.
Comments: Later die state of VAM-63. There are other C3b reverses but I've only listed the shared reverse of 63A and 92 as they both have the die gouge above L in DOLLAR.
This obverse shared with VAM-63 and VAM-63A. This reverse shared with VAM-63A and VAM-92.
Threads: http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/76703147

LVA Plate Photos

1880-S VAM63A gougeL.jpg
Posted Coin Comments:

  • Very High Grade coin. This one will GO "PL". SOLD/Keeping files
  • Looks 63A, stars do NOT seem TRIPLED.
  • New year for us -- SO all Comments and input Welcome :}
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Diagnostic photographs:

   1880-S VAM-63A Raw Coin, (188)I-2 R-5. 
Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.

Rmg 1880S 121415a.jpgRmg 1880S 121415b.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415c.jpgRmg 1880S 121415d.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415e.jpgRmg 1880S 121415f.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415g.jpgRmg 1880S 121415h.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415i.jpgRmg 1880S 121415j.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415k.jpgRmg 1880S 121415l.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415o.jpgRmg 1880S 121415p.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415q.jpgRmg 1880S 121415r.jpg
Rmg 1880S 121415s.jpgRmg 1880S 121415t.jpg