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Rmg 1880P 032419

1880-P VAM-50A Doubled 80 and Lower Reverse, Doubled Lips Counterclash

Discovered by John Baumgart, August 2006.
50A III2 49 · C3c (Doubled 80 and Lower Reverse, Doubled Lips Counterclash) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 49 – Doubled lips and upper chin from die counterclash.
Reverse C3c – Has same hub doubling as 1878 C3c reverse with doubling of outside edges of some leaves in left wreath and lower right wreath, bottom of right bow ribbon and tops of serifs of A to star in AMERICA. Die marker - Some fine vertical polishing lines in middle of eagle's right wing.
1- Later die state of VAM-50.
2- The die chip on the cap, below the ribbon, on the left side.(See photo below) has been found on the earliest die stage of VAM-50, a DMPL. Some examples, but not all, may exhibit obverse pitting. For die markers see VAM-50. Can be found in grades as high as MS66.
3- On 5 Aug 2011 Leroy corrected the 2007 supplement plates for VAM-24. The die markers for VAM-24 were actually VAM-50/50A.

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Posted Coin Comments:

  • Should go MS grade.
  • Doubled Lips & Strong Clash.
  • Reverse doubling looks quite strong.
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

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