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1878-P VAM-14.3 - Additional Study by RMG/LAE2 *

(* These studies, unless otherwise noted, are from unattributed coins and are not vetted by the VAMWorld membership.)

  1. x1878-P VAM-14.3 Doubled Bow]]1878-P VAM-14.3 Doubled Bow

Discovered by Guy Messing, December 1974.
14.3 I15 A1m (Doubled Reverse) (188) I-2 R-4 Obverse I15 - All stars on right and first four stars on left are doubled on lower right side.Date slightly doubled with 1 doubled below upper crossbar. First 8 doubled at top inside and lower left outside of both loops. 7 doubled at top right and below crossbar. Second 8 doubled at top inside of both loops and lower left outside of upper loop. Reverse A1m - Doubled UNITED STATES OF and ONE DOLLAR near rim and AMERICA away from rim. Both stars and outside of wreath doubled. Three small feathers added on eagle's right and two on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing similar to A1b but wings have not been polished as much.
Comments:The 1878 VAM-14.3 is an 8 Tailfeather coin. VAM-14.3 has the A M reverse which was also used to strike proof Morgans. The reverse has doubling that is noticeable in the wreath and the obverse has polishing lines that can be used for identification.
LDS is 2-sided clashed, but no letter transfer and hence not a listable sub-variety. VAM 14.10 has this obverse clashed die.
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Comments: PCGS AU Cleaned 11/12/14 Mint Error Obverse Strike-thru on label. Bucket Coin.
Subject: All Doubled Up - Notches Galore
Message: This unattributed 1878-P Morgan silver dollar was the among the first minted. Pandominum reigned at the Philadelphia mint during this time. Quotas and deadlines stole precedence over details. Morgan was rusty in his knowledge of avian anatomy. He crafted Baldy with eight rather than seven tail feathers. Someone forgot to wipe the grease off the die. Die doubling ran amok. Notches galore.
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