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Rmg 1878P 060813

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1878-P VAM-18 Doubled Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Obverse discovered by Francis Klaes, June 1963.
Revised 2014
18 (revised) II/I 2 A2/A1a (Doubled Date) ( 176) I-4 R-5
Obverse II/I 2 - Doubled LIBERTY shifted up and left. Doubled E, P, L, U, R, S, and M in motto with large shift in date and all stars on right. All left stars tripled.
Reverse A2/A1a - Second 8 TF design type, A2, with hooked beak and I of IN away from top of eagle's right wing reimpressed over first 8 TF design type, A1. Doubled inside of wreath, NE of ONE ad AR of DOLLAR. Two extra small feathers added on eagle's right and partial one left side between leg and bottom of wing, Top of left wreath over polished so that tip of leaf appears to be an extra berry on the left side but the shadow of leaf remains on field of coin. (See page 149 of VAM book). Eagle's lower beak and tongue are doubled. Top arrowhead and shaft doubled. Some long random polishing lines at lower left field. Strike doubling on tops of letters on some coins.

1. The 1878-P VAM-18 is an eight tailfeather variety. The 1878-P VAM-18, 1878-P VAM-19, and 1878-P VAM-20 all share the same obverse with dramatically doubled date. Each numeral is doubled to the right. LIB in LIBERTY are doubled to the left. Visit this page to see 1878-P VAM-19 vs VAM-20 On the reverse for the VAM-18, there is an extra berry on the top inside of the left wreath. OF is doubled down and to the right.


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