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Official VAM Listing for The 1924-P Peace Dollar - WR

Official VAM Listing

  1924-P VAM-1 Normal Die
  1924-P VAM-1A1 Bar D (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)  
  1924-P VAM-1A2 Bar D, Die Break VS (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM)  
  1924-P VAM-1D1 ‘E’ on Reverse (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
  1924-P VAM-1D2 "E" on Reverse, Clashed Obverse N
  1924-P VAM-1E Die Scratch Thru G in GOD
  1924-P VAM-1G Die Break Wing in Line with Leg (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)  
  1924-P VAM-1H1 Die Break in Hair Over Ear (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)  
  1924-P VAM-1I Die Break Above Wing
  1924-P VAM-1J Die Gouge in Lower Olive Leaves
  1924-P VAM-1J2 Die Gouge in Lower Olive Leaves, Swirl Lines Left Obverse
  1924-P VAM-1K1 Die Gouge Thru Left Side of G in GOD
  1924-P VAM-1K2 Die Gouge Thru Left Side of G in GOD, Die Break A
  1924-P VAM-1L Vertical Die Gouge Left of G, Collar Clash Reverse Right
  1924-P VAM-1M Vertical Die Gouge Below O & Left of G
  1924-P VAM-1M2 Vertical Die Gouges Below & Left of G, Two Collar Clashes Reverse  
  1924-P VAM-1N Vertical Die Gouge S
  1924-P VAM-1O Vertical Gouge Between 1 & 9  
  1924-P VAM-1O2 Vertical Die Gouge Between 1 & 9, Die Break Wing Tip
  1924-P VAM-1P Obverse Die File Lines
  1924-P VAM-1R Die File Lines on Face
  1924-P VAM-1S Die Gouge Between O & D
  1924-P VAM-1T Raised Dot Below Olive Leaves  
  1924-P VAM-1U Die Gouge Below N
  1924-P VAM-1V Die Chip Cheek
  1924-P VAM-1W Long Twin Clash Spikes Eagle’s Clipped Shoulder, Clashed Obverse N  
  1924-P VAM-1Y Vertical Die Gouge Between VS
  1924-P VAM-1Z Vertical Die Gouge Right of G
  1924-P VAM-1AA Broken Jaw Die Break (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
  1924-P VAM-1AC Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder
  1924-P VAM-1AD Cut Throat Die Scratch
  1924-P VAM-1AE Cut Throat Die Scratch, Die Gouge Lower Olive Leaves
  1924-P VAM-1AF Die Break Above D
  1924-P VAM-1AG Pitted Obverse
  1924-P VAM-1AH1 Pitted Polished Obverse  
  1924-P VAM-1AH2 Pitted & Polished Obverse, Die Breaks Cheek, Die Break OF
  1924-P VAM-1AI Vertical Die Gouges Below VS
  1924-P VAM-1AJ Gouges Below & Above S
  1924-P VAM-1AK Pitted Obverse #2
  1924-P VAM-1AK2 Pitted Obverse #2, Die Break ME
  1924-P VAM-1AL Triple Die Gouges Below G
  1924-P VAM-1AM Pitted Obverse #3
  1924-P VAM-1AN Pitted Obverse #4
  1924-P VAM-1AP Die Scratches W  
  1924-P VAM-1AQ1 Die File Lines Face, Swirled Die File Lines Above ONE
  1924-P VAM-1AQ2 Die File Lines Face, Swirled File Lines Above ONE, Die Break N-G
  1924-P VAM-1AR Die Gouge at 24, Reverse Die Gouges and Pitting
  1924-P VAM-1AS Pitted Obverse #6
  1924-P VAM-1AT1 Spike Forehead
  1924-P VAM-1AT2 Spiked Forehead, Collar Clash Reverse 3 - 4 O'Clock
  1924-P VAM-1AU Die Gouge O
  1924-P VAM-1AV Die Gouge Thru N
  1924-P VAM-1AW Pitted Obverse #7  
  1924-P VAM-1AX Die Scratch File Lines Reverse
  1924-P VAM-1AY Die Scratch Behind Rays
  1924-P VAM-1AZ Die Break Above R
  1924-P VAM-1BA Pitted obverse #8
  1924-P VAM-1BB Clashed 'E' (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
  1924-P VAM-1BD Swirled Lines Eagle's Shoulder
  1924-P VAM-1BE Die Scratches Face
  1924-P VAM-1BF Die Break OF
  1924-P VAM-1BG Die Break ON, Collar Clash 2-5 O'clock
  1924-P VAM-1BH Die Break T
  1924-P VAM-1BI Die Break Below Y  
  1924-P VAM-1BJ Die Break 1
  1924-P VAM-1BK Die Break Mountain
  1924-P VAM-1BL Die Break Upper Wing  
  1924-P VAM-1BM Pitted Obverse #9
  1924-P VAM-1BN Beveled Field below 924
  1924-P VAM-1BO Die Break RT
  1924-P VAM-1BP Die Break E  
  1924-P VAM-1BQ Pitted Reverse #10
  1924-P VAM-1BR Collar Clash Reverse Mountains
  1924-P VAM-1BS Collar Clash Reverse AR
  1924-P VAM-1BT Die Gouge RV
  1924-P VAM-1BU Die Gouge Right T
  1924-P VAM-1BV Die Gouge O in GOD
  1924-P VAM-1BW Die Break LI
  1924-P VAM-1BX Circumferential Die File Lines Obverse
  1924-P VAM-1BY Die Break TY  
  1924-P VAM-1BZ Collar Clash Reverse PEACE & Mountains  
  1924-P VAM-1CA Die Break Below L
  1924-P VAM-1CB Die Scratches VS
  1924-P VAM-1CC Collar Clash Reverse PEACE & Mountains  
  1924-P VAM-1CD Collar Clash Reverse PEACE
  1924-P VAM-1CE Collar Clash Reverse 6 & 9 O'clock  
  1924-P VAM-1CF Clashed Obverse N  
  1924-P VAM-1CG Die Break Left of P
  1924-P VAM-1CH Die Break 4
  1924-P VAM-1CI Die Rust Pitting Reverse
  1924-P VAM-1CI2 Collar Clash Reverse PEACE, Pitted Obverse*New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-1CJ Radial Die Crack at R #3
  1924-P VAM-1CK Die Break Upper Wing #2  
  1924-P VAM-1CL Die Break TY #2
  1924-P VAM-1CN Die Break Above O, Die Chips Forehead
  1924-P VAM-1CO Closely Spaced Double Clash Spikes Eagle's Shoulder
  1924-P VAM-1CP Die Break E
  1924-P VAM-1CQ Pitted Obverse, Raised Ridge T  *New 2018*
  1924-P VAM-1CR Die File Lines Above 2  *New 2018*
  1924-P VAM-1CS Die Gouge Below Chin  *New 2018*
  1924-P VAM-1CT Die break below Y, Die Gouges Below GOD *New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-1CU Radial Die break E   *New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-2 Doubled Reverse (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)  
  1924-P VAM-2A Doubled Reverse, Die Break N (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM)
  1924-P VAM-3 Doubled Obverse
  1924-P VAM-3A Doubled Obverse, Die Break RVST
  1924-P VAM-4 Doubled Top of Middle Olive Branch & Right Reverse Rays
  1924-P VAM-5 Doubled Neck and TRV
  1924-P VAM-5A Doubled Neck & TRV, Die Break Wing (FormerlyVAM-1B) (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)  
  1924-P VAM-5B Doubled Neck & TRV, File lines on Reverse
  1924-P VAM-6 Doubled Lower Reverse
  1924-P VAM-6A Doubled Lower Reverse, Pitted Reverse
  1924-P VAM-6B Doubled Lower Reverse, Die Gouge VS  
  1924-P VAM-6C Doubled Lower Reverse, Die Gouge VS, Die Break ONE
  1924-P VAM-7 Doubled Middle Olive Leaves
  1924-P VAM-8 Doubled Wing Edge, Gouged Eye, Pitted 9
  1924-P VAM-8A Doubled Wing Edge, Gouged Eye, Pitted 9, Shortened Reverse Rays, Die Breaks in Hair (Top 50 Peace VAM)  
  1924-P VAM-8B Doubled Wing Edge, Gouged Eye, Pitted 9, Clashed N & E, Long Spike Eagles Shoulder  
  1924-P VAM-8C Doubled Wing Edge, Gouged Eye, Pitted 9, Shortened Reverse Rays  
  1924-P VAM-9A Doubled Top Olive Leaf & Rays, Pitted Left reverse
  1924-P VAM-10 Doubled Rear Tiara Rays
  1924-P VAM-10A Doubled Rear Tiara Rays, Die Break R
  1924-P VAM-11 Double Middle Olive Branch
  1924-P VAM-11A Double Middle Olive Branch, Die Break Middle of Wing (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)  
  1924-P VAM-12 Doubled Right Reverse Rays
  1924-P VAM-13 Doubled Middle Feathers and Rays
  1924-P VAM-14 Doubled Leg Feather's
  1924-P VAM-15 Doubled Designers Initials & TR
  1924-P VAM-16 Doubled Middle Branches and Lower Leaves
  1924-P VAM-16A Doubled Middle Branches and Lower Leaves, Die Break Eagle's Head, Collar Clash O
  1924-P VAM-17 Doubled Leg Feathers & Wing Middle Edge
  1924-P VAM-18 Doubled OD WE *New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-18A Doubled OD WE, Vertical Die Gouges Below V & Above S *New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-19 Doubled Olive Branch Upper Stems   *New 2019*
  1924-P VAM-19A Doubled Olive Branch Upper Stems, Reverse Die File Lines   *New 2019*

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