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Official VAM Listing for The 1922-P D1 Reverse Hub (17 Berry) - WR

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B1 Reverse Design

Reverse B1: Note two mountain peaks, 3 rays below ONE, 6 rays below Eagle's tail, and detached olive branch.

Official VAM Listings

  1922-P VAM-1 Early Design
  1922-P VAM-1A Die Gouge in Rays (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)  
  1922-P VAM-1B Bar G
  1922-P VAM-1D Vertical Die Gouge Between IN & GOD
  1922-P VAM-1E Slanted Die Gouge Between IB (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
  1922-P VAM-1F Reverse Field Die Break (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam) 
  1922-P VAM-1G1 Die Break in Tiara Rays (see VAM-2U also)
  1922-P VAM-1G2 Die Break in Tiara Rays & U
  1922-P VAM-1H Bar Between N-G
  1922-P VAM-1I Die Chip Lower Back Hair Strand  
  1922-P VAM-1J Die Gouge Lower Olive Branch
  1922-P VAM-1K Comet Die Break Below P
  1922-P VAM-1L Dot on Right Side Eagle’s Neck
  1922-P VAM-1M Die Scratch at 9
  1922-P VAM-1N Scribbling Die Scratches Obverse
  1922-P VAM-1O Rusted Die ONE
  1922-P VAM-1P1 Double Die Gouges Below G
  1922-P VAM-1P2 Double Die Gouges Below G, Radial Die Break BE  
  1922-P VAM-1Q Die Gouge Between N-G
  1922-P VAM-1R Polished Hair
  1922-P VAM-1S Die Scratch 1
  1922-P VAM-1U Die Gouge VS
  1922-P VAM-1V Die Break T
  1922-P VAM-1W Collar Clash
  1922-P VAM-1X Small Rim Cud O
  1922-P VAM-1Y Die Scratches N-G
  1922-P VAM-1Z Die File Lines Liberty Head  
  1922-P VAM-1AA Die Gouge Below R
  1922-P VAM-1AB Die Gouge Between N-G
  1922-P VAM-1AC Die Break B  
  1922-P VAM-1AD Radial Die Break AM
  1922-P VAM-1AE Die Break Above IN
  1922-P VAM-1AF Die File Lines Obverse
  1922-P VAM-1AG Die Gouges below G & R
  1922-P VAM-1AH Die Gouge at Rim Below G  
  1922-P VAM-1AI Collar Clash 5-6 O'clock Reverse  
  1922-P VAM-39 Doubled ONE, Die Gouge Rays
  1922-P VAM-40 Doubled Lower Reverse, Die Gouge in Rays
  1922-P VAM-46 Tripled Designer's Initial,Doubled D-E TR
  1922-P VAM-46A Tripled Designer's Initial, Doubled D-E TR, Pitted Obverse, Scratch Hair Strands

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