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Official VAM Listing for The 1922-D D1 Reverse Hub (17 Berry) - WR

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B1 Reverse Design

Reverse B1: Note two mountain peaks, 3 rays below ONE, 6 rays below Eagle's tail, and detached olive branch.

Official VAM Listings

  1922-D VAM-1 Early Design
  1922-D VAM-1A Die Break Below Y  
  1922-D VAM-1B Die Break From T  
  1922-D VAM-1C Die Break Y
  1922-D VAM-1D Die Break Y High  
  1922-D VAM-1E1 Die Break Below IN  
  1922-D VAM-1E2 Die Break Below IN & Back of Neck  
  1922-D VAM-1F1 Spiked Eye
  1922-D VAM-1F2 Spiked Eye, Double Clashed Spikes Eagle's Shoulder
  1922-D VAM-1G Rim Die Chip Below N  
  1922-D VAM-1H Die Break Left Obverse  
  1922-D VAM-1J Die Break Y Very High  
  1922-D VAM-1K Rim Cud Below R  
  1922-D VAM-1M1 Die Break 1  
  1922-D VAM-1M2 Retained Cud Below 1 (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)  
  1922-D VAM-1N Die Break Below N
  1922-D VAM-1O Die Break Rim Near Hair Strands  
  1922-D VAM-1P Shallow Die Gouge Between IB  
  1922-D VAM-1Q Rim Cud at O in ONE
  1922-D VAM-1R Die Break Right of Y
  1922-D VAM-1S Die Break Left of 1  
  1922-D VAM-1T1 Pitted Left Obverse, Die Scratch Leg
  1922-D VAM-1T2 Pitted Left Obverse, Die Scratch Leg, Rim Cud at AC  
  1922-D VAM-1T3 Die Break Left Reverse
  1922-D VAM-1U1 Die Break Y
  1922-D VAM-1U3 Rim Cud at Y & Above TRV  
  1922-D VAM-1V Die Break Above 19, Pitted Obverse  
  1922-D VAM-1W Die Break at Neck
  1922-D VAM-1X Rim Cud at U
  1922-D VAM-1Y Rim Cud at O #2
  1922-D VAM-1Z Rim Cud at D  
  1922-D VAM-1AA Die Gouge W, Die Scratch Chin
  1922-D VAM-1AC Pitted Face, Die Scratches TR  
  1922-D VAM-1AD Thread Like Impression at Olive Leaves  
  1922-D VAM-1AE Die Break Right of Y  
  1922-D VAM-1AG Pitter Obverse, Die Break VST
  1922-D VAM-1AH Die Break Right of I
  1922-D VAM-1AI Die Break Below L
  1922-D VAM-1AJ Die Break Above 1, File Lines ACE  
  1922-D VAM-1AK Die Breaks Below IN & Y
  1922-D VAM-1AL Die Breaks B & 9 Top
  1922-D VAM-1AM Die Breaks Above & Below IN *New 2019*
  1922-D VAM-5 Bar 2, Doubled Designer’s Initials
  1922-D VAM-5A Bar 2, Doubled Designer's Initials, Rusted Die Obverse
  1922-D VAM-6 Tripled Olive Leaves, Doubled LLA *Revised 2018*
  1922-D VAM-6A Tripled Olive Leaves, Doubled LLA, Die Breaks IN,G,19 *New 2018*
  1922-D VAM-12 Doubled Reverse Rays *Revised 2019*
  1922-D VAM-12A Doubled Reverse Rays, Die Break D *Revised 2019*
  1922-D VAM-15 Doubled Lower Olive Leaves
  1922-D VAM-15A Doubled Lower Olive Leaves, Die Break Y Top Left  
  1922-D VAM-15B Doubled Lower Olive Leaves, Die Break Y Top Left & Neck  
  1922-D VAM-17 Doubled IN GO
  1922-D VAM-17A Doubled IN GO, Die Break Below N, Die Scratch Wing
  1922-D VAM-22 Double Lower Right Reverse Down, Die Break Below L

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