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Official VAM Listing for The 1886-P Morgan Dollar - WR

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Official VAM Listing

  1886-P VAM-1 Closed 6
  1886-P VAM-1A Line in 6, Slightly Doubled Ear (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-P VAM-1A1 Line in 6,Clashed Obverse In & st (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-P VAM-1C 3 + 2 Clashed Reverse (Hot 50 and WOW! Morgan VAM)  
  1886-P VAM-1D Pitted OL  
  1886-P VAM-1E Curved Spiked 6  
  1886-P VAM-1E1 Curved Spiked 6, S Die Impression  
  1886-P VAM-1E2 Curved Spiked 6, Die Break S  
  1886-P VAM-1H Die Scratch Eagle’s Right Wing  
  1886-P VAM-1i Banded Wing Tip  
  1886-P VAM-1K Die Scratch Eagle's Left Wing  
  1886-P VAM-1M Bar 6 Upper Loop, Slightly Doubled Ear  
  1886-P VAM-1N1 Dot Ear, Spike at Wing  
  1886-P VAM-1N2 Dot Ear, Die Break ERICA  
  1886-P VAM-1O Die Impression Wing  
  1886-P VAM-2 Open 6
  1886-P VAM-3 Doubled 1 Weak  
  1886-P VAM-3A Doubled 1 Weak, Clashed Obverse n  
  1886-P VAM-3B Doubled 1 Weak, Clashed Obverse n & s  
  1886-P VAM-4 Doubled 18 Strong  
  1886-P VAM-4A Doubled 188 Strong, Die Rust Pitting Liberty Head
  1886-P VAM-5 Doubled 18  
  1886-P VAM-6 High 6  
  1886-P VAM-6A High 6, Clashed Obverse n  
  1886-P VAM-6B High 6, Multiple Clashed Obverse n  
  1886-P VAM-6C High 6, Die Chip Back of Cap Ribbon
  1886-P VAM-7 High Date  
  1886-P VAM-8 Far Date, High 6  
  1886-P VAM-9 Doubled 18-6, Far Date Re-instated 2017  
  1886-P VAM-10 Doubled 18  
  1886-P VAM-12 Doubled Date  
  1886-P VAM-13 Near Date
  1886-P VAM-14 Dash Under 8, Doubled Ear Right Inside  
  1886-P VAM-15 Doubled 18-6 (Proof)  
  1886-P VAM-16 Doubled 1
  1886-P VAM-17 Doubled Arrows (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-P VAM-18 Doubled 6 and Ear
  1886-P VAM-19 Doubled 86 and Stars  
  1886-P VAM-20 Double Date (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-P VAM-21 8 Below Designer's Initial, Doubled Reverse (Former 1886-P VAM-1B) (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-P VAM-22 Near Date  
  1886-P VAM-23 Doubled Ear, Die Gouge Star  
  1886-P VAM-24 Doubled Ear Lower Right Inside  
  1886-P VAM-24A Doubled Ear Lower Right Inside, Die Break 1-2 Right Stars
  1886-P VAM-25 Doubled 6 Top Loop
  1886-P VAM-26 Doubled Ear  
  1886-P VAM-27 Doubled Ear
  1886-P VAM-27A Doubled Ear, Die Break Wing Tip *New 2020*
  1886-P VAM-28 Doubled 86
  1886-P VAM-29 Doubled Ear
  1886-P VAM-30 Doubled 1-6, Thread-Like Impression Wing
  1886-P VAM-30A Doubled 1-6, Thread-Like Impression Wing, Doubled Ear
  1886-P VAM-31 High Date, Doubled Ear  
  1886-P VAM-32 Doubled Ear  

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