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Official VAM Listing for The 1886-O Morgan Dollar - WR

Official VAM Listing

  1886-O VAM-1 Normal Die  
  1886-O VAM-1A1 Clashed Reverse BER (Top 100 and WOW! Morgan VAM)  
  1886-O VAM-1A2 Clashed Obverse t, Clashed Reverse BER (Top 100 and WOW! Morgan VAM)  
  1886-O VAM-1B Clashed Obverse n & st
  1886-O VAM-1C Die Gouge Below Tail Feathers
  1886-O VAM-1D1 Die Gouge Inside Ear  
  1886-O VAM-1D2 Ear Gouge, Clashed t
  1886-O VAM-1E1 Thread-Like Impression Neck
  1886-O VAM-1E2 Thread-Like Impression Neck, Die Breaks Obverse & Reverse  
  1886-O VAM-1F Clashed Obverse Faint G & t  
  1886-O VAM-2 High 6
  1886-O VAM-3 Open 6
  1886-O VAM-4 O Tilted Left (Some w/rotated dies)  
  1886-O VAM-5 Doubled 18
  1886-O VAM-5A Doubled 18, Clashed Obverse T
  1886-O VAM-5B Doubled 18, Clashed Obverse T, Die Break N  
  1886-O VAM-6 Doubled 1, O Tilted Right
  1886-O VAM-7 O/O Down (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)  
  1886-O VAM-8 High 6, O Set High
  1886-O VAM-8A High 6, O Set High, Clashed O Mint Mark
  1886-O VAM-9 Doubled 6
  1886-O VAM-10 Doubled 18-6, O Set High
  1886-O VAM-11 Near Date, O Set High
  1886-O VAM-11A Near Date, O Set High, 2 + 2 Clashed Reverse (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)   
  1886-O VAM-12 Near Date, Doubled 6
  1886-O VAM-13 Doubled 1
  1886-O VAM-14 Far Date
  1886-O VAM-15 O Set Right
  1886-O VAM-16 O/O Right
  1886-O VAM-16A O/O Right, Clashed Obverse st
  1886-O VAM-17 Doubled Ear, Far Date
  1886-O VAM-18 Doubled Arrow, O Tilted Right  
  1886-O VAM-19 Doubled 18, O Tilted Left
  1886-O VAM-19A Doubled 18, O Tilted Left, Clashed Reverse TY
  1886-O VAM-20 Double Ear
  1886-O VAM-21 8 in Denticles
  1886-O VAM-22 8 in Denticles
  1886-O VAM-23 High O
  1886-O VAM-23A High O, Rim Cud Third Left Star  
  1886-O VAM-24 Doubled 8-6
  1886-O VAM-25 Double 86, Doubled Ear, O Tilted Far Left
  1886-O VAM-26 High Date and O Mint Mark   *NEW 2018*

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