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Official VAM Listing for The 1885-O Morgan Dollar - WR

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Official VAM Listing

  1885-O VAM-1 Normal Die  
  1885-O VAM-1A Rusted Wing  
  1885-O VAM-1C Die gouges wing  
  1885-O VAM-2 Doubled 5  
  1885-O VAM-3 Doubled 18  
  1885-O VAM-4 Doubled 18  
  1885-O VAM-5 Slanted High Far Date  
  1885-O VAM-7 Dash Under 8 (May be the same as VAM-14)
  1885-O VAM-9 Doubled 885, Low Date, Doubled Ear  
  1885-O VAM-10 Dash Under 8, Bar Ear  
  1885-O VAM-11 Far Date, High O, Die Gouge Wreath  
  1885-O VAM-12 O/O Left
  1885-O VAM-13 Far Date
  1885-O VAM-14 Dash Under 8, O shifted right  
  1885-O VAM-15 Doubled AMERICA, Gouge in Wing (LVA: "Tentatively eliminated, likely LDS of VAM 28")
  1885-O VAM-16 Dash Under 8, Far Date, Doubled Arrows, O Shifted Right
  1885-O VAM-17 8 in Denticles, Far Date  
  1885-O VAM-18 Doubled 18 Top & Ear, Far Date  
  1885-O VAM-18A Doubled 18 Top & Ear, Far Date, Die Scratch D, Break E   *Revised 2019*
  1885-O VAM-18B Doubled 18 Top & Ear, Far Date, Clashed Obverse N  *New 2019*
  1885-O VAM-19 Doubled Ear, High O (AKA VAM9)
  1885-O VAM-20 Doubled Ear Right (AKA VAM9)
  1885-O VAM-21 Far Date, Doubled 5 Weak
  1885-O VAM-22 Doubled Arrow Feathers
  1885-O VAM-23 Doubled Arrow Shafts, O Set Right  
  1885-O VAM-24 Doubled Ear Right and Arrows  
  1885-O VAM-25 Faint Dash Under 8
  1885-O VAM-25A Faint Dash Under 8, Breaks Top of Cap & RI (WOW! Morgan VAM)  
  1885-O VAM-26 Doubled 18
  1885-O VAM-28 1 in Denticles, Doubled AMERICA, Gouge in Wing  
  1885-O VAM-29 Doubled 885, Dash 8
  1885-O VAM-30 Doubled Left 8, O Tilted Right
  1885-O VAM-31 Doubled Ear, O Tilted Right
  1885-O VAM-33 Faint Scribbles Face, Doubled Arrows, Die Scratches Wings)  
  1885-O VAM-34 Slightly Doubled 88, Light Polishing Lines Face & Neck
  1885-O VAM-35 Dash Under 8, O/O Left Slanted, Thread Impression Upper Lip *New 2020*

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