Obverse 22 P Gougers

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Gouged Varieties
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2E1 Die Gouge Between 19
1922-P VAM-2E Vertical Gouge 19.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2F Hairpin (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2K Die Gouge Between B & E
Jgb22V2K 1.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2L Slanted Die Gouge Between IB (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2M Vertical Die Gouge Between GO
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2N Die Gouge in Hair
1922-P VAM-2N Gouges Hair.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2N2 Die Gouge in Hair, Pimple Lip Die Chip
1922-P VAM-2BF Pimple Lip Die Chip.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2O Die Gouge Below E in LIBERTY
VAMfinder 1922-P VAM-2o Detail.JPG
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2P Chin Bar
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2P1 Chin Bar
1922-P VAM-2P PLATE 1 25 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2P2 Chin Bar, Gouge 1 & U
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2Q Die Gouge Above T
DKC 1922 VAM 2Q.jpg
VAM-Delisted.jpg1922-P VAM-2R Die Gouges Below GOD & TRVST (Became VAM-2R1)
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2R1 Die Gouges below GOD and TRVST
1922-P VAM-2R Gouge GO.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2S Triple Gouges Above IN
1922-P VAM-2S Triple Gouges.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2W Vertical Die Gouges Left Side of G
DKC 1922 VAM 2W.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2X Diagonal Die Gouge 2nd 2
1922-P VAM-2X Diag Die Gouge 2.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2Y Diagonal Die Gouge Y
1922-P VAM-2Y Diag Die Gouge Y.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2Z Vertical Die Gouge N
1922-P VAM-2Z Vertical Die Gouge N.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AC Spiked Neck
1922-P VAM-2AC Spiked Neck.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AD Die Gouge Below OD, Tail on O
1922-P VAM-2AD Tail on O.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2H Die Gouge in RaysFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1922-P VAM-2H Gouge Below B.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AI Die Gouges Between ER
1922-P VAM-2AI Gouges Between ER.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AK Die Gouge Last Right Tall Ray
1922-P VAM-2AK Gouge Last Ray.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AL Die Gouge in Rays Below E
1922-P VAM-2AL Gouge Rays Below E.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AM Die Gouge Back of Cheek, Separated Reverse Ray
1922-P VAM-2AM Gouges Back of Cheek.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2J Bar R
1922-P VAM-2J PLATE 26 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AU Die Gouge T
1922-P VAM-2AU Gouge T.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AX Die Gouge G Right Side
1922-P VAM-2AX Gouged G.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2BJ Diagonal Die Gouge Front Rays
1922-P VAM-2BJ Shallow Gouge Rays.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2BO Die Gouge Rear Hair Strands
1922-P VAM-2BO Gouge Hair Strands.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2BV Diagonal Die Gouge Inside O of GOD
1922-P VAM-2BV PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2CB Die Gouge WE
1922-P VAM-2CB PLATE 2 24 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2CH Die Gouge Right of 2
22 2CH.JPG
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2CQ Die Gouge G Middle
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2CR1 Die Gouge G Left
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2CW Die Gouges Below OD
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2DE Die Gouges GOD
DKC1922 VAM 2DE.jpg
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1922-P VAM-2DG Die Gouges Cheek
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2DM Die Gouge IN
DKC1922 VAM 2DM.jpg
VAM-Delisted.jpg1922-P VAM-2DQ Die Gouge Behind Eye (Eliminated, same as VAM-2DS)
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2EC Die Gouges Above INFull-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg*NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2EE Die Gouges IN G *New 2014*
JRL 1922 P Obv VAM-2EE UNCDET NGC 2624359-008 LVA1.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2EG Die Gouge Below Rear Rays*NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-3 Doubled Leg Feathers, Die Gouge Forehead
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-5A1 Tripled Olive Leaves, Die Gouge G (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1922-P VAM-5-2 Tripled Leaves, Die Gouge G (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)
CM 1922-P Vam5A2.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-25B Doubled Right Talons & Olive Leaves, Die Gouges Below IN-G
CFE 01-20-2011 1922-P IG-GOUGES7.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-29A Doubled 922, Doubled Reverse Left Rays, Die Gouges Below IN
1922 VAM 29A.JPG
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-31A Doubled Rt. Tiara Rays & Liberty Head Profile, Die Gouges Above IN
1922-P VAM-31A Gouges Above IN.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-34A Doubled Lower Right Reverse, Die Gouges Right 2
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-54A Doubled Olive Leaves & Rays, Die Gouge N
1922-P VAM-54A PLATE 1 24 OCT 2010.jpg
Gouged Varieties Reverse
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2AE Die Gouge DOLL
Camera.jpg1922-P VAM-2BM Die Gouge Olive Leaf