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Member Name: Tom Coughlin
What I like to collect:
Any Clashed Die. The "Es" fascinate me.
Favorite VAMs:
1880P VAM 9, & 1880P 32 A1880P 32 A, because I found one, and all of the "Es" of course.
Not the super bowl coach.
I am a past ½ owner of a tool & die shop. We may have made the die for the blades in your food blender.
I built, flew, and raced my own airplane. I was the overall/high points R.A.C.E. champion of my class in 1993.
I assisted in building the Voyager airplane that went around the world non-stop non refueled, and because of my participation in the project my name is in the Smithsonian Institute.
I use to be good at golf but suck now.