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List of Past VAM Assignments for The 190O-S Morgan Dollar - WR

List of Past VAM Assignments

 1902-O VAM-4A Near Date, Clashed Obverse G (Delisted, Late Die State of VAM-48A)
 1902-O VAM-22A Near Date, O Tilted Left, Counter Clash Obverse (Delisted, became VAM-7A)
 1902-O VAM-31B Near Date, 2 Olive, Gouge 9 (Eliminated, became VAM-55)
 1902-O VAM-40B (Eliminated, became part of VAM-48)
 1902-O VAM-45 Die #6 (Delisted, same as VAM-26.1)
 1902-O VAM-45 Die #8 (Delisted, same as VAM-45.1)
 1902-O VAM-49 Near Date, O Tilted Left (Delisted, same as VAM-26B)
 1902-O VAM-69 Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering (Delisted, same as VAM-24)
 1902-O VAM-75 Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse (Delisted, same as VAM-10)
 1902-O VAM-78 Near Date, 2 Olive Reverse (Delisted, same as VAM-71A)
 1902-O VAM-80 Doubled Profile & Stars,2 Olive Reverse (Delisted, Same as V21/21A)
 1902-O VAM-81 Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse, Gouge Wreath Bow (Delisted, became VAM-20A)

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