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List of Past VAM Assignments for The 1883-O Morgan Dollar

List of Past VAM Assignments

  1883-O VAM-1A Die Flake in 8 (Eliminated, same as VAM-39)
  1883-O VAM-1B Gouge in 8 (See VAM-33)
  1883-O VAM-1C Buffed Reverse, became 1C1 and 1C2
  1883-O VAM-1E (Eliminated, same as VAM-21A)
  1883-O VAM-1H Beveled Fields at Cap Top, & Back   Eliminated 2017, became VAM-36B
  1883-O VAM-10 High 8, O/O Low   Eliminated 2016, became VAM-31A
  1883-O VAM-17A Low 3, O Tilted Left, Tilted Field (Eliminated, same as VAM-19A)
  1883-O VAM-23A Doubled 18, Filled Denticles, Clashed Obverse n & Reverse M (Eliminated, actually VAM-21A)
  1883-O VAM-27 Doubled 1, O/O Surface (Eliminated, same as VAM-23 and possibly VAM-21, strike doubling on O mint mark.)
  1883-O VAM-53 (Eliminated, Became VAM-39A )
  1883-O VAM-60 Doubled Ear, Overlapping Reeding (Eliminated, same as VAM-26)
  1883-O VAM-60A Doubled Ear, Overlapping Reeding, Clashed t (Eliminated, same as VAM-26A)
  1883-O VAM-61(Eliminated, Late Die Stage of VAM-2 )
  1883-O VAM-1G Clashed Obverse Die t (Eliminated, same as VAM 44A)