List of Past VAM Assignments for The 1878-P 7TF B2 Short Nock Morgans - WR

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Past Assignments:

VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-114 (Re-classified 10-2011, see 114-1 and 114-2)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-131C (Re-classified, see VAM-131C1, VAM-131C2, and VAM-131C3)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-144B (Eliminated, Probable Post mint damage)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-199 (Eliminated, same as VAM-164)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-199.1 (Eliminated, same as VAM-198)Pcgsvam.jpg
VAM-Delisted.jpg1878-P VAM-199.2 (II/I Obv) Doubled P, Missing Feathers (Eliminated, became VAMs VAM-116B and VAM-116C)